Client of the Year – Winner

Ministry of Justice Estate Directorate
The Ministry of Justice Estate Directorate leads the way in the public sector as an ‘intelligent client’.  The MoJ introduced a range of practices and techniques to ensure excellence in construction delivery.  Tools for collaborative working, best practice procurement, fair treatment of its supply chain and pro-active project management have delivered projects with fewer problems and delays. Significant cost savings have been achieved – meeting and exceeding the tough budgets set by Cabinet Office.   .... more


Integration & Collaborative Working – Winner

Bank Station Capacity Upgrade Project
London Underground has taken collaboration to a new level.  The Bank Station Capacity Upgrade Project Team has pioneered a procurement approach known as Innovative Contractor Engagement.  ICE changes traditional procurement behaviours by enabling early collaboration and innovation within the whole supply chain - client, designer, tier 1 contractor and tier 2 suppliers.  It engages the ‘whole construction brain’ from the outset.  Throughout the design and procurement stages, innovations and value improvements have substantially improved the project design and delivered greater public benefit.  ... more


Outstanding Customer Satisfaction -  Winner

This privately owned SME decided that a key part of their future is delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Purdy have woven this into a service that recognises and understands the needs of their clients and their clients’ customers’ too.  Over the past year, Purdy has invested in a new customer service process – new staff, technology and training. Each customer is supported by a relationship manager, dedicated to customer service rather than operational issues. Their clients describe their commitment and true partnering as the key to their success in exceeding expectations.  ...more


Sustainability - Highly Commended

Medmerry Managed Realignment
Medmerry is the largest managed realignment of the coast in Europe and the first in the UK.  It saves £300,000 per year on flood defence maintenance, removes significant risks for operations staff, supports the local fishing fleet, incorporates 10km of new access routes with associated green tourism growth opportunities, and maximises wildlife habitat. Medmerry is recognised locally, nationally and internationally as an exemplar and one of the most sustainable projects the Environment Agency has delivered.   ... more


Sustainability – Winner

Heathrow Terminal 2A
Heathrow Terminal 2A is a shining example of what can be achieved when sustainability is embedded throughout the lifecycle of a project.  It is the most energy, water and resource efficient airport terminal ever built, producing  40% less CO2 than the Terminal 2 and Queens Buildings it replaces  Its design and construction has supported 35,000 jobs nationwide and all this has been achieved within the live operational environment of the world’s third busiest airport. Terminal 2A sets the benchmark for future airport terminals around the globe and provides a fitting gateway for 21st century Britain. ... more


Innovation – Winner

Medmerry Managed Realignment
Medmerry Managed Realignment is a ground-breaking project  –  the largest of its kind in Europe and the first in the UK. Innovative ecological mitigation techniques will inform the design of future coastal realignment schemes, reducing cost and increasing viability. Medmerry is used as a case study at major industry conferences and in international publications.Importantly, pro-active multimedia communications  achieved ‘buy-in’ from the community. This ambitious scheme protects nature,  people and livelihoods. Within months of completion, the flood defences withstood the worst coastal storms in 20 years.  ... more


Health & Safety – Winner

HETCo : A Ferrovial Agroman, Laing O'Rourke JV
HETCo demonstrated their determination to retain this Constructing Excellence Award and to improve on their high standards of Health & Safety – a real challenge for such a large project with so many people and companies engaged at so many levels. By harnessing collaboration and empowering everyone to ‘do the right thing’, setting a clear strategy and driving continuous improvement, they created a ‘one team’ mentality.  The team is committed to transferring this culture of safety to other projects, and to improve Health & Safety in the industry.  ...more



Health & Safety - Judges Commendation for Personal Achievement

Paul Haddell for Balfour Beatty Near Miss Reporting App
The Judges felt Paul Haddell deserved a ‘commendation for personal achievement’  to recognise his contribution towards ensuring  that everyone returns home safely to their families and friends. Paul, whose primary role is not Health & Safety, applied a personal hobby of developing apps to improve safety in the workplace and then engaged with all levels of the organisation to promote its application. Easy to use, the Balfour Beatty Near Miss Reporting App captures the ‘I’ll report it later’ near misses that often get forgotten and sends up-to-the-minute information for immediate action.  ... more


Supply Chain of the Year- Winner

Ministry of Justice Estate Directorate
The Ministry of Justice Estate Directorate provides clear direction, engagement and encouragement for all its supply chain partners enabling better collective decisions where everyone gains. The whole supply chain is involved in a collaborative, federated model, where a common plan is guided by an established strategy based on ‘better for less’.  The pro-active approach to shared problem-solving and risk management leads to better supply chain engagement and ultimately improved delivery all round.  ...more


Leadership & People Development – Winner

O’Donovan Waste Disposal
O’Donovan Waste Disposal is committed to the training and development of its staff in order to improve the services it offers to clients and to operate more sustainably.  An ambitious family-run company with a very strong team ethic, O’Donovan invests heavily in its entire staff, ensuring that everybody feels they are a valued member of the team. Clearly passionate about taking the lead in this industry, their commitment to collaborating with others and mentoring their competitors is impressive. This is how O’Donovan saw off the competition and retain this award for the second year running.   ... more


Achiever of the Year - Highly Commended

Steven Hale : Crofton
Recognised as a thought leader for consulting engineers, Steven Hale’s enlightened leadership creates platforms for success.  As well as championing apprenticeships, an ‘employee share trust’ allows his ‘ceiling’ to become the floor for others in his team. It’s clear he is driven by the pursuit of excellence, all the while reinvesting in his profession and his company to support continuous improvement . Crofton is characterised by Steven’s drive, ambition and beliefs, and his leadership ensures a strong and lasting legacy for everyone who works there.  ...more


Achiever of the Year – Winner

Fred Mills : Osborne 
Fred Mills is passionate about improving the built environment.  He believes that personal action and example is the only way to deliver change and improvement, and boy does he walk the talk. A successful bid manager, Fred is also a champion for BIM both inside and outside of Osborne’s business.  Recognising the challenges involved in changing the way construction works, Fred has developed a definitive online video resource to bring clarity and understanding to BIM.  Fred’s 'BIM One Million' is free and gives everyone the chance to learn from best practice.  ... more


SME of the Year -  Winner

Lift & Engineering Services Ltd
Lift and Engineering Services 62% growth has been outstanding , with 2013 investment in larger premises in Harrow resulting in exceptional performance of the London operation.  Success is underpinned by continuous improvement in all aspects of the company:  people; processes; management of performance; improvements in customer satisfaction;  and adopting best practice and new ways of working - often in collaboration with customers or suppliers.  ...more


BIM Project of the Year - Highly Commended

Victoria Station Upgrade
The Victoria Station Upgrade Project adopted BIM way before others were even recognising the value of working differently.  The sheer complexity of task required the team to use BIM as the ‘single source of truth’.  An approach which contributed significantly to both assessing the feasibility of the scheme and its delivery.This project evidences a truly, collaborative engagement by the whole team. The strong interaction between the site and design teams has contributed to the predictability of the outcome, not only in terms of cost and schedule but also in the management of risk and health and safety.  ...more


BIM Project of the Year – Winner

HMYOI Cookham Wood
Her Majesty Youth Offenders Institute - Cookham Wood was the first Government BIM Early Adopter project and arguably defined what Level 2 BIM is today. It was a steep BIM learning curve from the outset - balancing the various BIM maturity levels of team members and changing the way some deliverables were approached.  Cookham Wood’s impact reverberates throughout the industry. The team identified lessons learnt throughout the project and published live feedback providing some of the foundations which inform best practice guidelines used by the industry today.   ... more


Project of the Year  - Highly Commended

The Place
The Place is part of the London Bridge Quarter development, providing 40,000m2 of premium office space above one of London’s busiest transport hubs. Almost every part of this project required innovative thinking, technical expertise, robust logistics management and meticulous planning. Cutting edge, non-linear analysis helped get the complex structure right, while BIM delivered design and schedule efficiencies, saving 10% on build costs.  The Place is a shining example of where the team developed a highly technical solution to maximise the floor plate of the cramped site and to optimise return on investment for the client. ...more


Project of the Year

Cleaner Seas for Sussex Project
The Cleaner Seas for Sussex Project was a controversial scheme that had to ensure that the 95 million litres of wastewater generated by communities along the coastline met latest European standards. The project demonstrates high levels of technical competency across a breadth of disciplines, including architecture, civil engineering, tunnelling, safety management and environmental control – with close collaboration between all parties.Vociferously opposed by local residents at the outset, The Cleaner Seas for Sussex Project is highly sustainable from an economic, social and environmental perspective and fully integrated into both the landscape and the community.  ...more