Awards 2013 Categories

To be successful all applications need to illustrate their commitment to sustainability, high health and safety standards and innovative solutions in all of the categories. Submissions should relate to activity that achieved outstanding results in the calendar year 2012. We would also remind you that all shortlisted submissions will be required to present to the panel of judges on the 18th of April.

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Category Criteria


Client of the Year

Judges are looking for a construction client that has shown clear consistent leadership and commitment to core Constructing Excellence principles on one or preferably several projects. These principles include collaborative working, integration, prompt payment, fair terms, procurement on value, clear & considered project briefs, active involvement to enable and reward excellence etc. Submissions from third parties are encouraged but must include endorsement from the client themselves.

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Integration & Collaborative Working

Judges will be looking for evidence of early involvement, selection by value, common processes and tools across organisations, long-term relationships, modern commercial arrangements and fair payment practices. Obvious benefits will include a less adversarial approach but judges will assess delivery against client performance measures and how workforce development has led to improved products or services and customer satisfaction. Successful entries will have succeeded in integrating their teams to such a level that they appear as a single entity to the customer. Joint submissions are strongly encouraged. 

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Judges will be looking for the best organisation or project that took the most innovative approach to overcome a specific challenge on site, identify emerging market opportunities, or develop a new/improved product or service - perhaps innovative use of ICT solutions, environmental technologies, process innovation, or offsite or modular construction. Judges will particularly look for evidence of how the innovation can be used/applied elsewhere in the organisation or on other projects. Entries should show how they defined the challenge, identified possible solutions, and secured agreement from key stakeholders. Winners will have focused on the occupier/users needs, demonstrated improvements compared to previous or third party performance and/or shown how the approach has led to winning new work.

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Health & Safety

The judges will be looking for a project or organisation where health and safety has been driven way beyond what is required within the duties stated in CDM 2007.  The winner will demonstrate that best practice has been utilised in producing a scheme where buildability, usability, maintenance and final demolition have all been fully considered with health and safety central to their operations. The judges will look at the entrants' overarching health and safety management systems, accident records and their demonstration of effective risk management throughout the project.


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The judges will be looking for a project or organisation where the principles of sustainability have been fully embedded, particularly those that demonstrate creative and/or innovative thinking and leadership. The winner will be an exemplar where sustainability is central; providing hard evidence that effective management of environment, social and economic aspects has achieved a significant and tangible improvement in performance. The judges will give preference to entrants that demonstrate that a responsible long term and collaborative approach has been taken to add value and achieve a range of net benefits for themselves and others.

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Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Constructing Excellence in London and the South East wants to identify and recognise organisations that have developed and implemented successful customer satisfaction strategies. Judges will be looking for companies with clear methodologies for identifying what is really important to their customers, clear strategies that led to sustained improvement, and the systematic evaluation of customer satisfaction. Winning entries will have demonstrably put the customer's needs at the heart of the project and then delivered better bottom-line performance, high customer retention, profitability and positive reputation.

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Achiever of the Year

This award recognises outstanding performance or influence by an individual who has been inspirational in the opinion of the sector peer group during the past twelve months.  The winner's actions will have changed the behaviour and performance of others and delivered disproportionate benefits for, and left a legacy in, the outputs of the built environment sector.  The award winner will naturally show all the hallmarks championed by Constructing Excellence, such as a belief in best practice and a wholehearted commitment to the Rethinking Construction principles. The key is that this commitment needs to be visible i.e. adopted and adapted to make a real difference within the sphere of the applicant's own operation, influence and community.  We are looking for leaders, opinion formers and champions of change.  This award is open to individuals of any age, discipline, or sector.  Entrants can self-nominate or be nominated by others.

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Performance in Use

The judges are looking for the best facilities that intentionally set and will achieve the most challenging energy/resource consumption targets, the highest utilisation rates, and/or the best business/functional performance of its core users. Entries may demonstrate outstanding approaches to commissioning and handover, regular fine tuning of the BMS, engaging users in the asset's environmental performance, and regular occupier satisfaction reviews. Judges are looking for project teams/organisations that demonstrate how they first identified ‘user needs' and then kept the end users and owners at the very centre of a built asset's design, construction and operation. Judges will particularly welcome benchmarked evidence of actual or projected increases in user performance, together with strategies of how that performance will be sustained.

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Leadership & People Development

The winner in this category will best define and demonstrate improvements resulting from targeted leadership development and training across the workforce and perhaps local community. Whether driven by strategic leadership of an enlightened client or a supplier, entries should show and win particular respect from the workforce and/or community through workforce development, skills and training, equality and diversity initiatives, and improvements to health and safety and the working environment.

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Supply Chain of the Year (new category) 

This category has been introduced to recognise the critical role of good supply chain management. If your supply chain management team has worked hard to deliver outstanding improvements in performance, then they deserve recognition for their efforts. Winning entries will best demonstrate how relationships with suppliers are closely and proactively managed to continuously improve quality, productivity and/or profitability of all parties throughout the chain. Entries must include supporting testimonials from at least 4 suppliers that show how they have been actively involved and have directly benefitted e.g. from better workload foresight, collaborative training, shared costs and systems. Evidence should include how resources have been deployed to introduce and maintain systems and processes, and how cultural and behavioural change has been created

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SME of the Year

This award specifically recognises the challenges and outstanding achievements of ‘Small to Medium Enterprises', particularly those who have made strides in improving their company through implementing best practice. There are two ways for to enter - (1) simply put yourself forward or, (2) if you're a bigger organisation or from the client or supply side - we want you nominate a great SME you have worked with.  Judges will be looking for companies that intentionally focus on people development, customer satisfaction, industry best practice, performance management, and/or new ways of collaborative working. Entrants and nominees will be required to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and health and safety; describing the steps that have been taken to improve performance through the 4 Cs of co-operation, communication, competence and commitment.  

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BIM Project of the Year (new category)

This new category is looking for companies or projects that are using BIM (Building Information Modelling) to dramatically improve the design, delivery and operation of buildings. Judges are particularly looking for teams who can demonstrate the effective use and benefits of integrated and interoperable BIM solutions that reduce cost, time, and risk to the benefit of the client and others without detriment to others. Projects may be in the advanced stages of design, under construction or in full operation. Submissions should highlight new capabilities and achievements including outstanding programming, design, fabrication, construction and/or operation of built facilities or infrastructure. Entries should demonstrate the use of new forms of collaboration or partnering, information sharing, innovative new tools/methods and processes, and should describe how these have delivered exceptional project benefits in terms of clash detection and improvements in time and cost
of build and/or operation.

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Project of the Year

Judges are looking for an outstanding project that best demonstrates the highest levels of technical achievement, innovation, application of best practice, teamworking throughout the supply chain, delivered to time, budget and quality with the highest health & safety standards, lowest environmental impact and most importantly to the customer's delight. The winner is just as likely to be an outstanding local project as it is a high profile landmark - but the winner will be a project that all parties involved will be proud to have been part of.

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