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BIM Enabling Network (BEN)

Since publication of the Government Construction Strategy, there is almost unprecedented sector-wide activity focused on BIM. Indeed almost every trade body, professional institution, IT vendor, or business consultancy is offering advice and information on BIM. However, much of that activity is ‘pushed' by individual supply-side parties rather than driven by the ‘pull' of client-led market demand, and none is knowingly delivered by an integrated partnership focusing on the needs of the customer. Consequently, thousands of companies within the UK construction sector are overwhelmed by offers of narrow and often conflicting advice - inevitably leading to market frenzy then paralysis or worse, poor decisions.

The BIM Enabling Network (BEN) is underpinned by a partnership of companies that together can provide expert advice and support to companies wishing to implement BIM. We understand that companies considering BIM need fast, informed, integrated advice that they can trust

BEN provides a unique environment to support companies while they grow their capabilities to deliver projects, large or small, more profitably. Not by just addressing the management of information, but by creating the right environment and network to make BIM and other emerging processes like soft landings easy to deliver.

Network members will benefit from training modules and business support packages developed and delivered by the founding partners.  Cutting through the noise that has been created over the past couple of years, BEN will provide a clear path for early adoption and grow a network of companies aligned and ready to embrace BIM and other collaborative ways of working.